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A comprehensive guide to buying a house in Sainte-Dorothée!

Are you planning to move to Laval and wondering which is the best area for you and your family? Let me introduce you to the Sainte-Dorothée neighborhood in the west of Laval, and discuss all the advantages, and a few disadvantages, of living in this area.



Bordered by the Rivière des Prairies to the south, Laval-sur-le-Lac to the west, Laval-Ouest, and Fabreville Ouest to the north, and Chomedey to the east, Sainte-Dorothée (or Sainte-Do for short) has particularly quick access to Montreal via Highway 13.

Train Stations

Sainte-Dorothée has 2 stations of the future REM. For those who want to work in Montreal while avoiding the inconvenience of highways, this is a mega advantage.


In Sainte-Do, you’ll find residential developments mostly to the south, but also countryside with fields, farms, and even a lamb farm to the north. Half-countryside, half-suburb, you can enjoy the numerous local farmers to buy fresh and local products, as well as plants in its many greenhouses.

Residential sectors

You will find different types of neighborhoods. The older neighborhoods mainly have bungalows on large lots. Values range between $500,000-$600,000. Sainte-Dorothée also has several charming islands. If you want to live on one of these wonderful islands, be prepared to learn about septic systems.

From $700,000, you’ll mostly find narrow and closely spaced house developments in very family-friendly neighborhoods.

There are several luxury home developments, especially in the southern part. Currently, Sainte-Dorothée is the Laval neighborhood with the highest volume of properties for sale above $1.5 million.

Prefer condo living? You have surely seen beautiful tall towers on the waterfront. These are either Panorama residences for the elderly or luxury Aquablu condos. You may also have noticed along Highway 13 several townhouses.

There is also a brand new development, on part of a golf course, the Metta development for those looking for something new.



Speaking of golf, Sainte-Dorothée has 2 golf courses: Islemere (private) and Le Cardinal (semi-private).


Nature lover? Sainte-Dorothée offers a few options for forest walking trails. I particularly like the trail along Avenue des Bois, the trail along Papineau Creek, but the most well-known is the vast wooded area of Sainte-Dorothée, which is part of Laval’s Canopée network.

Being one of the three largest wooded areas in Laval, this forest is known to birdwatchers. In winter, snowshoers can explore a network of trails that wind through wild spaces. This wooded area offers the best chance to observe wildlife, birds, and 44 species of trees.


If you prefer to take your daily steps while shopping, a huge outdoor shopping center, Mega-Centre Notre-Dame, lines its east side along Highway 13. You’ll find everything you need, including a super-sized Structube store.


The population of Sainte-Do includes over 37,000 residents with an 87% ownership rate. On this subject, how much does a house cost in Sainte-Dorothée? At the end of 2023, the median price of a property was approximately $650,000, making Sainte-Dorothée the most luxurious neighborhood in Laval, just after the Laval-sur-le-Lac neighborhood, the most prestigious on the island. It’s a rather family-oriented and peaceful neighborhood. In recent years, Sainte-Do has become very multicultural.


Can you eat well in Sainte-Dorothée? Yes. Sainte-Dorothée offers several restaurants and cafes, including the original French café Marius et Fanny, which is very well known. Some good Italian restaurants are waiting to be discovered, and you’ll find numerous fast-food choices. Let’s not forget to mention one of the highest-rated restaurants in Laval: Le Mitoyen. We tested it this year, and we understand why this charming restaurant, located in a century-old building, has won so many awards.



Now, what are the disadvantages of living in Sainte-Dorothée? There have to be a few. Like everywhere, if you commute outside in the morning, be prepared for traffic to reach your destination, especially when getting on Highway 13 towards Montreal.

High Schools

If you have children, you’ll have very good elementary schools. But beware of adolescence; there is no high school in Sainte-Dorothée. What are the best schools in the area? According to the Fraser Institute, which rates schools, your best option for public education would be to have bright children who qualify for the international school located in Chomedey. Otherwise, I invite you to research your other options, whether public or private.

Prices of homes

The fact that houses cost more is an advantage for the quality of the neighborhood’s life but a disadvantage for your wallet. The same house will cost you less, for example, in the Laval-Ouest or Fabreville Ouest neighborhoods just to the north, but you probably won’t be in as homogeneous or luxurious a neighborhood. Or as close to Montreal!

Lack of indoor pool

Finally, even though Sainte-Dorothée has a superb tennis site, outdoor pools, a brand new community center, and an arena, the neighborhood does not have an indoor pool. You’ll have to go to Centre du Sablon in Chomedey or one day to the new aquatic center in Laval, quite a bit further.

That’s a quick tour of the Sainte-Dorothée area.

If I forgot an advantage or a disadvantage, please write them in the comments.

If you’re looking for a broker to help you find the best neighborhood for you in Laval, don’t hesitate to contact my team, and be sure to follow us for the next installment!

Chantal Vaillancourt, Residential Real Estate Broker in Sainte-Dorohtée, Laval


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