It’s a gray November afternoon when I enter “La Rosée” Boutique situated on 5565 Dagenais Ouest in Laval-Ouest. Although I’ve been in here quite a few times in the past decade, I’m pleasantly surprised this time. Not only is the boutique full of well-organized merchandise, but of clientele! I look over one corner and two Spanish-speaking ladies are debating over some Christmas decorations while I notice in the back corner another man is perusing the bookshelves for the next great story. I’m still a little amazed at how the boutique is so organized. I drop my two bags at the counter (I just finished my spring cleaning… a little late) and a friendly man hurries to take them to what I understand is the “sorting area”.

Pleased with myself to have finally cleaned out my house and saved a couple bags from going into landfill, I turn to leave and a multicoloured knitted infinity scarf catches my eye. I touch it softly while asking myself: “who made this?” “How did it end up here?” “What is its story?” The price tag says $4. It looks brand new. I turn around to look around the shop again and when I look back, a small little lady has her hand on the multicoloured scarf. I help her remove it from the rack and she seems confused as the scarf is one big loop. I explain to her that “it’s all the rage now a days”. I loop it around her neck three times and she looks at me inquisitively and I quickly respond to her silent question with an “it makes you look very young”. She shoots me back a huge smile and says “I LOVE scarves!”

Smiling to myself, I walk around the shop a couple times, grab a pamphlet on this place and head back to my car. In the parking lot I see my little lady waving goodbye to me with a big smile on her face and a lovely multicoloured scarf around her neck.

I decide to investigate a little more this non-profit organization which I thought I knew well, but realize now, I know very little.

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I read through their pamphlet, their website and call to interview an employee and here is what I found out:

A little history 

At the start, this was a simple group providing meals on wheels but soon became a multiservice organisation for the elderly, the needy and low-income families of Laval-Ouest. The social impact of the La Rosée group has since become well known in Laval-Ouest and even beyond its territory.

The family counter

The boutique on Dagenais has a large selection of clothing for men, women and children, bedding, toys, books, kitchenware and decorations and a very low price. The team of volunteers and employees work very hard to ensure that all items for sale are in top shape.

Meals on wheels

From the begining, La Rosée has had a meals on wheels program for people with a loss of autonomy. Five days a week, at lunchtime, several people receive a hot meal at their home that has been prepared by employees and volunteers in the basement of the boutique. Soups, main courses, fruits, desserts and treats are part of every meal. All for a modest price of around $5.50. Hundreds of meals are distributed in Laval-Ouest and Fabreville each week by vonlunteers which are called « baladeurs » in French. These men and women enjoy meeting their “clients” each week by not only bringing them a hot meal, but a smile and sunshine to their day.

So how does one qualify for this service? La Rosée works closely with the local CLSC to determine who qualifies and meets the criteria. Contact your local CLSC to see if you or a close one could benefit from this service.

Occasional transport

The team at La Rosée also has a group of volunteer drivers who offer a transport service to the elderly and those with loss of autonomy. This can be but is not limited to medical appointments.

The volunteers who use their cars have their kilometers reimbursed based on the current rates. These men and women are known for being good with the public, are good listeners and are known to be calm behind the wheel.

Contact La Rosée directly if you or a close one would like to benefit from this service.

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You want to get involved? Here’s how: 

Become a donor! 

Bring your used clothing and other goods. La Rosée can also give official tax receipts for all cash donations $20 and higher.

Become a volunteer!

La Rosée is always looking for volunteers.
As this article is being published, they are currently looking for volunteers:
- To sort through goods at the boutique, and
- Various tasks involved with the Meals on Wheels program.

Become a client!

The majority of the goods in the boutique are sold at a very low price. Government subsidy and revenue from the meals on wheels only support part of the work. The sale of the items in the boutique is the other big chunk of the revenue needed. Why not stop by in the coming days?

Hours of operation
Tuesday- Friday: noon – 5PM
Saturday noon – 3PM

Groupe d'Entraide La Rosée,
5565 Dagenais Ouest, Laval
H7R 1M1 (450) 962-9971


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By Chantal Vaillancourt

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